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Desiree Pollack

Lead Consultant

(310) 971-1003

My Story

I started my Scentsy journey in November of 2020 I started off only wanting to earn money back on my personal purchases to expanding and growing a team within my first 5 months! What an awesome whirlwind it has been!

I became a huge fan of Scentsy because of the quality, variety and safety of our products. I was a loyal customer for a solid year before deciding to join. Some of my absolute FAVORITE products are anything in the Luna or Amazon Rain scent; I have every single product Scentsy offers in these two scents because they are just THAT GOOD! My favorite holiday hack item is my wall fan and pine smelling Scentsy pods (Mighty Pine & Very Snow Spruce) to help my fake tree smell like a real one! The wall fans also go into every single one of my bathrooms year-round and help keep them smelling fresh. The holiday warmers are everything! I love decorating for the Holidays and Scentsy makes decorating so much more fun with their incredible designs. There is so much to love about Scentsy and I'd love to show you all Scentsy has to offer!

If you would like to host a party to earn FREE & Half off Scentsy products please register below to get your party scheduled or contact me directly!

I am looking forward to showing you all Scentsy has to offer and having you fall in love with it ...if you haven't already!!!

I am currently looking for NEW PEOPLE to bless & add to our Whimsy Scent Junkies Family! I would love to help you get started on this journey. Are you ready to become your own boss? Or maybe you're just looking for something to do to keep you busy? Then this is the perfect business for you! It's only $99 to join, which includes your starter kit and a free website for 3 months. (or, we have a $59 join kit also!) If you're interested in joining the team please click on the link below to get started, I will contact you with the rest!

With Love,

Desiree Pollack

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